Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting to WORK!!!

Ok...I am slowly getting there. I am off and running to make 2 diaper bags by this weekend. {yes - I am what you call CRAZY!!!!} Anywhoo.....I will take pics and post them to show ya what I am doing and the styles that I have to work with. I hope to get my new machine soon and then I can really TAKE off. I also found an outlet to sell my goods here close to home ~ go me!!!! Things are looking up.

If anyone had suggestions on getting fabric at a STEAL!!! let me know. I am also in search of labels to attach to my bags.....I guess I shall GOOGLE :)

Keep your fingers crossed !!!!


  1. WAY TO GO!! That is awesome that you going to be making bags! I wish I was blessed with the talent to sow. Best of Luck :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Did you enter any giveaways? (your blog looks GREAT!)


  2. Looks like you just starting blogging! Enjoy.

    I have never seen a pink daisy? I must find one for my garden.